Rabu, 11 Agustus 2010


I forgot to buy
I went to your super
Bike jersey in figure

The fiercely conservative

Yu weekend tens of thousands ー
a-nation to stand on stage it.

Such gaps
And loving
Helpful (· o ·)

Buy Shirataki
And what made you say,

Created by ☆ I Kenchin汁

Too conservative?

Even simple dishes too loud
I say no! !

Of mushroom soup and
However with us and
Noodle soup and soy sauce.

200% of kindness
Created by ☆ Kenchin汁 was

Nutritious meal
I ride out the summer over there!

Ack !

Released August 18
New single

Lose heart

♪ Ringtone Creator preceding the start of the delivery of

Pressed to the back of everyone

Powerful Love
Perhaps as much good food

Creator is definitely a must for the summer I ride over there! !

'll All means (^ 0 ^) /

Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010


Yukie Kawamura chan
Osoro watch
I bought.

Her boyfriend or selfish? !

Yu and ice watch what Burando.

My boyfriend

Or Peaakuse
The 付Ketai

Even look alike
I want to type.

Wallet and cellular
I color difference
This is only to be expected.

I want to Bakappuru
Some Mendoi
Women are (-.-;)

Such a Bakappuru
Enjoy with us
Although rarely
出会Emasen easily.


Even such a thing
I want to go out.

Dinosaurs exhibition ↑. . .

I went! !

It's summer vacation
In elementary school boy
Teru Naka crowded,

Look at various dinosaurs
Experience the history of dinosaurs

My heart would rejoice.

I like.
Like to see dinosaurs.


Or ninja house
Egyptian Museum and may
I like.

Even such a thing
Dating someone
Would you say? ?

Like this
I own pace
♪ ♪ local shops and enjoying the summer

Rabu, 04 Agustus 2010


I'm not out of the beam from a bystander,

Nor are you the Wakiapiru,

Yukie Kawamura chan
Always wanted to try,
Yoga and Pilates
☆'s got to take me

Celebrity ~ (^ O ^)

This is Yoga.
I forgot the name. . .

Press against the foot
Yu collapsed - I lost ー
Way to strengthen abdominal muscles.

All pose
Training and stretching
Hard and have improved! !

Do you sweat a lot
After the
I have a detoxifying
☆ the body is light and refreshing

ー Yukki and took pictures with the teacher's Motohashi Emi.

A little indoor
But I
The body still moves
It refreshing ♪ ♪

Mental concentration can also
It was a wonderful time
I would like to challenge again! !

So glad to know where everyone ♪

Starting tomorrow
8 / 18 to be released single "heart beat" songs coupling
Coverage of AAA
That song,

Start Ringtone preceding delivery!
Can I cover my favorite song because it lets me sing karaoke well in
Mighty happy) ^ o ^ (

The private

Five male members
♪ ♪ I believe a little sweet and gentle voice is heard where

Means to get
Century of China ☆ ☆ Kuda try around summer evening drunk


, And the recent heat
Suu melted or slightly over.

Did I like this hot summer? ? ?

Even this summer,
Now safely one adult (^ O ^)
Messejita Akusan I received a wonderful celebration.
Thank you sincerely.

First, it was 24 years old is frankly
Phone bills
I went to a convenience store pay (laughs)

, And before going to bed

Contact Hazushitara
Forgotten where I put my glasses
While Yotayota
Clattering noise
I feel for the graze

24 years with no sex appeal like this.
♪ That's it for now but I

I like that
Recently we
Existence of a cute little brother sister
Dream5 from everyone
Cha surprise I received! !

Even seniors look Uno ~ ☆ ☆
School days
Pi was a poor relationship I'll Juniors
I echo senior Uno
I tickle
♪ ♪ happy mess

Thank you.

And best friend, 心友
Chan also Yukie Kawamura
I got to celebrate ☆ ☆

24-year-old of the year
What exactly 10 days,
I have a hundred days with anything?
Among them.

Moetry.in.motion filled with happiness
A time was my birthday! !

Birthday 24
Tightly around me to celebrate me
Yotsu bright future! !
Let me think
Important to people who love
Thank you
To the best of the year ~ ☆

Promise to p (^ ^) q

Jumat, 16 Juli 2010

今日はなんといっても 2010年07月16日 •

Her 24-year-old birthday Uno! ! ! ! !


Congratulations Uno-chan ★ ~ ★

Today everyone is shooting from morning till night.

But everything else I have good luck everyone Uno-chan's birthday.

Teru Uno her luck with that!

If you want to when we first met, 18 years old but our Creator!


If you notice that later this month Temashita.

Changed since the 18 S characters look? (Laughs) tend to her looks Uno.

But Uno is her maiden bright minds than mine have actually (laughs)

But enjoy your work today, ★ Hopefully it is a nice day


This out-the-HAPPY BIRTHDAY ~ (^ O ^) /

Selasa, 13 Juli 2010


I hated the color in

Getting to like blue and light blue.
I think this is what changed his mind? ?
I wonder if I'm born and new? ? ♪ ♪


Today I
Braided hair.

Fluffy girly
The whole bunch of lines conscious Mote (^ o ^)

I always knew that.

And this is
Neil now.

Summer Ppoku
Howaitoneiru first try!
The vivid pink ring
The pattern, torn
Ethnic images ☆

Summer can feel from the fingertips
Nail in fresh,
Favorites Yon.

Heck next time you update the blog

ー 24 years old going on to the new Uno! !

ー quite a big boy.

Since when
Adult stairs
I was up ♪

But ...

Absurd that
But you can chew
You mean you become an adult

To be an adult and more.

I (-.-;)

As an adult woman
Brush a woman
Where did fresh
24-year-old Uno,
So we will move forward vigorously
Thank you very much.
Last 23 Blog
☆ end

Rabu, 07 Juli 2010


It is already July! ! More than half of the year,

we start the second half.
And the Star Festival which will start, I kind of hate (-.-;)
Because he has a romantic (laughs)
Well, today with this heat I have a lot transpired

because there is much dancing. I have been very hot in my

clothing jersey ... Courses wash (laughs)
Oh, this week starts the new drama with Yu Yamada ♪ ♪
I loves the dramas of love since my first year of elementary school (^ O ^) and still now (laughs).
Our theme song is 崖っぷち の エリー 『』
This summer, my 24 years is coming soon. ♪ ♪ And you what are you doing? ?
People will see the fireworks and go to sea ☆ ☆
This year there is the festival-Nation '10, that I love most! ! !
Today I'm dressed as a sailor, infiltration.
See you next week with Kyi (^ 0 ^) /